About Me

Hello, my name is Ameer. I am currently working as a research and data consultant for the Global Education Monitoring Report at UNESCO. I recently completed by Master of Science in Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto where I focused on applied and computational statistics, simulation, and optimization. I also happen to have a soft spot for causal inference, graphical models, and networks in general. Typically, I find the intersection of these areas either with each other or with other disciplines to be particularly interesting (for example solving optimization problems with inherent uncertainty or understanding the relationship between climate change and health from a causal perspective).

Previously, I completed my BMath at the University of Waterloo where I studied a mix of statistics, computer science, and finance. My school, co-op, and extracurricular experiences during my time at UW had me explore subject areas including computer vision, text mining, venture capital, and predictive modelling with financial data. Take a look at the Portfolio and CV tabs to learn a little more about my academic and professional experiences!

A Little About Me Personally

Outside of my work, I like to bike in the summer, skate in the winter, and play squash whenever I can. I’m also into board games, my switch, and really enjoy a good book. Since coming back to Toronto, I’ve also been on a culinary adventure. One of my favourite things about this city is that there is always an interesting restaurant, tea shop, or dessert place to sample. Recommendations are always welcome :)

Thanks for reading!